I LOVE your soy chicken. Thank you!! -- Kim

My family and I recently bought some of the soy nuggets. We absolutely love them!!! -- Millie

I love your soy chicken products, having eaten them from the Whole Foods deli case. I would love to try cooking them at home. -- Nira

We love your soy nuggets! -- Nancy

We love your products and want them to follow us across the country. -- Charles

Thank you so much for such a wonderful product! Our family goes through these like nothing else. Can we buy it in bulk? -- John

My mother and I often purchase a sinfully delicious vegan "General Tso's chicken" at our local Whole Foods. It is so tasty that several family members have come to prefer it over real General's chicken! Its taste and texture are perfect! It is flavorful, works well with sauces and is incredibly light. We're hungry for more! -- Rachel

I tried your vegan nuggets during a recent visit to North Carolina. They were very good! -- Bonnie

Any help is appreciated: we tried your soy nuggets and are hooked -- they are the best by far! -- Robin

I recently had the most incredibly delicious dish: a soy-based chicken stir-fry with sweet chili sauce which was absolutely fantastic. I spent about ten minutes trying to find out what the "soy nuggets" were and how I could buy some. After much investigating and trying another brand which is no-way, no-how as good, I found your company. I would be very Delighted to place a large bulk order. -- Jennifer

My sister Sue turned your nuggets into a special. "Kung Pao Soy Chicken" with vegetables, peanuts, and organic brown rice. We couldn't keep enough on the menu! Your product was great find. Thank you! We will surely place several future orders. -- Cindy

Have you ever wondered why Whole Foods mock chicken salad tastes so darn good? Well, the mock chicken from Delight Soy is what is so amazing. -- Kelly