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Soy Nuggets

Our soy nuggets can be used as a meat-free substitute in any chicken recipe. They can be pan-fried, grilled or baked and served with the sauce of your choice. They are perfect to cut into strips for a delicious stir fry with vegetables. You can slice them for salad toppings and wraps or chop them to make chicken salad, barbeque and even crab cakes.

Soy Patties

Our Soy Patties can be used as a meat substitute for any chicken or pork recipes. They are great for “chicken” sandwiches and “chicken” parmesan. They can also be easily sliced for salads and wraps or chopped to make barbeque.

Soy Popcorn Nuggets

Do you like our Soy Nuggets with a little sweetness? These bite-sized tangy Popcorn Nuggets are perfect for a General Tso’s Chicken recipe, deep fried, or on a high-heat roast.

Mock Sliced Beef

This is our ready-cooked Soy Sliced Beef. Perfect for use in stir-fry, pepper steak, or a classic “Philly Cheese Steak.” Try our sliced beef with mushrooms and gravy or with a light sauce for a French Dip Sandwich.

Delightful BBQ

Absolutely delicious! This southern-style, chopped BBQ is made with our very own secret sauce. Our sauce has the best of both worlds – a vinegar base with a smoky seasoning. Delightful BBQ is perfect for a sandwich or with sides as an entrée.

Mock Sesame Chicken

Perfect for a quick Grab-and-Go meal, our meat-alternative take on this classic Chinese dish is a wonderful blend of our sweet and savory house sauce dressed with sesame seeds. It tastes just like real sesame chicken!

Delightful Pulled Pork

Our mock pulled pork is fully cooked and has a wonderful texture with a roasted, smoky taste. You can add your favorite BBQ sauce or enjoy on its own. Discover all the dishes you can create with it. Our pulled pork is great for sandwiches or wraps; in salads or as an entrée with side-dish.

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