Chili Plant

Let try
vegan mapo tofu!


Aubrey K.

I just wanted to say, that your product is amazing. I know what I'm feeding my family. And with picky eaters, my kids are hard to please. Your line of products really make the difference in cooking a delicious vegan meal that is full of flavor and nutrition. Thank you.

Jen T.

I'm a vegan living in Boston. When I was last in Ohio visiting family, I went to a new store and tried lots of new products- including soy nuggets. They were the best faux chicken I have had in my life (and I've had a lot).  THANK YOU FOR MAKING THESE! They are seriously out of this world.

Jo A.

I do not usually contact companies about products unless there is a problem, but today I cannot help myself.  My husband (full on meat eater) and I (wouldn't touch meat) both had sandwiches made with the soy patties.  I have tried every brand (well, almost) on the market and delight soy is BY FAR the best I have ever had.